Mobile Application for car enthusiasts.

Car enthusiasts dedicate two valuable assets to cars: time and money. Everyday guys like us and millions of others are spending hours online researching forums for technical information, browsing online for aftermarket parts and using social media to connect with each other.

According to our market research the Automotive Aftermarket Industry in the U.S. was valued at $117B in 2008, $143B in 2015, and it is projected to reach $158B in 2018. But even though there are millions of car enthusiasts on the road, and the amazing technology we have today, there still isn't a ideal platform for car enthusiasts.

We hosted a car event using FB and IG, but it wasn’t as successful as we wanted it to be. So we were standing next to a few different groups of people that did show up and we overheard them complaining about their car guy problems.

One group was saying they were tired of being on craigslist everyday to find the right car part. Another group was saying that the car forums they use to love were outdated. And the last group were angry at the fact that they couldn't connect to local drivers with similar car models to meet up with.

And that is when it clicked! We have been going through everyone of those problems our whole life.

Now we created our product using the social connectivity from IG, the simple event feature from FB, the buying and selling from craigslist, along with the valuable tech info from forums, and put it all together for the car community and you have Carrum.

Being a tech company we knew we can capitalize on the internet market because In 2010 the Internet Aftermarket Part sales reached $2.9B. In 2014 - $5B. Its projected to reach $9.4B in 2018.

We couldn’t do this project alone so we had find the perfect people to help us create Carrum.

  • We have our CTO Wen. Prior to this he worked at Cisco for 10 years and also consulted big companies like FB and Yahoo.
  • We have James head of Design with prior experience working with Yahoo.
  • We have Jessica handling our operations. She has experience managing a few prior start ups.
  • We have Qaseem in charge of sales who currently owns the #1 third party T-Mobile store in the nation.
  • We have Matt who is running our social media presence and has built several pages on IG. He’s managed to build our following base to 20,000 organic bay area car enthusiasts.

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